"Color by the Bay" is a unique collection of aerial photographs taken by master photographer Arnold S. Del Carlo, also known as Del, of the salt flats previously located in the south and east parts of the San Francisco bay, circa 1985.

Though today much of the salt flats have been returned to their native habitat, Del preserved the aerial view in these colorful, abstract images printed on Gicleé.

Each print is signed, numbered & includes a certificate of authenticity - view sample.

Rails on Ruby. 21" x 28"

Dragon I. 31.5" x 40"

Pythagoras. 31.5" x 40"

Pond Cake. 25.5" x 32"

Blue Craze. 30" x 40"

Fractal This. 31" x 40"

In The Rough. 25.5" x 32"

Agate I. 31.5" x 40"

Red Tide. 38" x 48"

Womb. 25" x 32"

Terra Cotta. 33" x 40"

Color by the Bay. 31.5" x 40"


Arnold S. Del Carlo retired from his San Jose-based commercial photography business just when the digital age of photography began changing the field forever.

Del’s success is attributable to having captured the evolution of the Santa Clara Valley from the "Valley of Heart's Delight" in the late 1940’s to "Silicon Valley" at the turn of the century, and to his fine photographic work for which he was awarded many times over locally and nationally. With one foot firmly planted in the traditional method of sharing photographs, today at 93 Del enjoys the ease of his digital camera and the ability to instantly print from his personal computer.

A master photographer in the digital world who retains the charm of print and the artistry of photography in his collection “Color by the Bay”, much of his work has been archived by the Sourisseau Academy for State and Local History and is available for viewing.


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